LOCAL HEROES - WORLDWIDE - “World Bunkering” November 1996

Pisano has been a well-known name in the bunkering/brokering world since 1957, when Vittorio Pisano, the father of Pietro Luigi Pisano, began acting as the exclusive bunker broker for AGIP, as well as being the agent for AGIP on the domestic market in Genoa.

Pietro L. Pisano set up a new branch of his father’s company in 1971 after seven years of training and preparation. From 1964 to 1968 he worked at Jacobs and Partners in London and learned English, as well as gaining a valuable insight into the international business arena. In 1968 he worked with his father’s company where he learned the ins and outs of the bunkering/brokering business.

Pietro L. Pisano established a new branch of his father’s company because he wanted the challenge and excitement of working on the international bunkering/brokering scene, and he saw this as a specialist area which few Italian companies exploited. §

Since 1971 the company has operated under the name of PL Pisano and Co. Srl and due to their long experience of bunkering and brokering in Italy they act as local specialists for various foreign owners, co-brokers and traders.

Over the last decade their international business has achieved great success and expansion, and they now have customers in the USA, the Far East and in Mediterranean and Black Sea ports.

Despite this, Pietro L. Pisano considers their greatest achievement to be keeping the same team of staff for almost 30 years, which has enabled them to build up a reputation for honest trading, stability and long-established business links with suppliers and customers alike.

PL Pisano was the first Italian broker and one of the few broking house in the world to have been certified by Lloyds’ Register with ISO9002 in 1995.

The Trading Business was established in 1976 and its activity was mainly involved in the domestic market. During the oil crisis in 1977, PISANO TRADING OIL was handling a storage for the account of an important international customer. Afterwards, and till 1994, the company acted as international bunker Trader operating, when requested by customers, in some particular situations such as when the customer was not enjoying a credit line with the supplier, otherwise for extension of the payment terms or issuing bunker contracts.

In the year 2000, following the market evolution and the needs of its customers, the company started its development in the physical and financial trading field. In 2003 Vittorio Pisano, Piero’s son, officially joined the Trading branch after his graduation in Economics at Genoa University and provided a good contribution to boost the turnover which tripled in the following three years. During 2008, through the banks participation in the activity, the financial power of PISANO TRADING OIL rose in order to face the new market's hight prices and volatility.

In October 2011 Pisano Trading Oil Srl merged with PLPisano & C. Srl
into the single entity Pisano Bunker Srl for simplification and efficiency based on stronger financial position